Internet Safety

Social Media has fast become the main focus of our children. On most days, kids that have access to smart phones or tablets can be seen involved in whatever is happening on their screen and not what is in front of them. The teaching of Internet Safety to our children is of great importance as the actions they make online have the potential to negatively affect their futures.

Weston children begin to learn about internet safety while attending Weston Intermediate School. At this age we begin discussing Internet Familiarity and making the right decisions online.

In the 6th grade, Internet Safety presentations are more in depth. I discuss Digital Citizenship and how to avoid the four main risks online. Those four risks are sending mean messages, posting inappropriate pictures, talking to people you don't know, and visiting adult sites. Students are shown several examples of how taking part in this behavior can have long lasting effects.

In 7th and 8th grade the content becomes more focused and the case studies are age appropriate. I go in depth and build on what they have learned in the previous years. The case studies are actual representations of what happens when children do not take the appropriate steps in protecting themselves online.

Mobile phones, tablets, and computers can all be configured with parental controls to monitor your child's online activity. The apps below are a good resource for monitoring your children's online activities:

Our Pact - Mobile Guidance

Net Nanny

Norton Family


Circle with Disney - Device control

Qustodio - Free Parental App

Phone Sheriff

Mobile Spy

Mobi Stealth - phone monitoring

The One Spy

if you need assistance in restricting your child's phone, feel free to email me at I have also added links below that are helpful step by step manuals on how you can restrict their access.

Restricting your child's Iphone


Facebook Safety

Instagram Parent's Guide parent's guide